Friday, March 21, 2014

Kid's Chore Chart

I recently completed a new chore chart system for my son.  He has regular chores he has to do every day that he does not get paid for.  However, he has been asking for opportunities to make some money because he wants to save up and purchase a WiiU.  So, when my Aunt Linda posted a link to this awesome idea on Facebook I knew it would work for us. 

 I had actually purchased the cork board strip months ago with something similar in mind, but these printables made it easy to execute.  I used some scrapbook paper to mount the printed pieces and it looks great hanging in our office next to the calendar.  Now I can only hope my son will take the initiative and do some chores around the house.


  1. I like how the money is up there already. I try to do chore charts and such but never have the cash to pay up. So they stop doing the chores bc they don't think they will get paid. The kids called me out on it last week. I may have to try this. - Kelly O