Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A New Level Of Health At Home

Yesterday I received the Young Living Oils kit I ordered.  I purchased the Basic Plus Starter Kit as it seemed to have a good selection of oils, the diffuser and also some sample packs.  I was so excited when I heard Fed-Ex ring the doorbell, you would have thought he was delivering scrapbook supplies!

I am really looking forward to learning more about essential oils and their uses and experiencing their benefits.  Yesterday was a stressful day, so we started by diffusing Peace & Calming in the afternoon and in Aiden's bedroom right before he went to bed.  I enjoyed it and felt more relaxed and Aiden slept well all night (although he was exhausted from not sleeping well for two nights and getting up really early).  

Today I tried the Lemon Oil as a cleaner/degreaser.  I cleaned the top of my stove with a wet wash cloth and gave it a good scrub (it has been neglected the last couple weeks).  Then I used several drops of lemon oil and a paper towel to rub away any greasy residue.  It worked great and smelled so fresh.

Today I also put Purification in the diffuser and let that run for a half hour in the kitchen and a half hour in the family room.  I was exhausted in the evening after hosting a bake sale fundraiser at Aiden's school, so the dinner dishes sat in the sink all night.  Disgusting, right?!  Once I got rid of all the dirty dishes and ran the diffuser, the house felt so much cleaner and smelled great!

I can't wait to see what else I can do to improve our home environment and our health with Young Living Oils.  I'll be sure to share each use I find.