Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Homemade Quiver

You would think my son was the one reading the Hunger Games trilogy last year based on his obsession with archery.  The kid loves bows and arrows and attempting to use them in the backyard.  He was out there practicing one day and was trying to explain to me that he needs a thing to hold his arrows, you know mom, like a thing that can hang off my back, like Link has on Legend of Zelda.  Oh, a quiver!  He had never heard that word before, but he quickly embraced it and helped me figure out how to make one with materials we had on hand.

We cut up a couple old 7Up bottles and stacked them together (finally my 7Up addiction is good for something), then wrapped it in some old red material I had left over from a Christmas project.  Then we used hot glue to attach a ribbon to carry it with. 

Arrows inserted, dogs safely locked in the house...steer clear of my backyard when you see this little cupid running about in the Summer.


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